1 in 5 Australian women will be Sexually Assaulted in their lifetime


Who We Are

We are an Australian not-for-profit organisation committed to reducing gender-based violence and increasing mental & emotional resilience. Based near Taree, we currently service the Mid North Coast region of NSW as well as offering specialised ESD+ Facilitator Training throughout Australia

Empowerment Self Defence

What We Do

We provide Women's Empowerment, Resilience & Safety Training. ESD+ is our comprehensive, trauma-informed curriculum that is designed to help women feel safe, resilient and empowered in any situation. We also offer Facilitator Training to individuals and organisations wanting to offer women's empowerment programs to their community.

What We Teach

- Boundary Setting & Consent
- Risk Assessment / De-escalation
Awareness & Mindfulness Exercises
- Mind/Body State Regulation
- Respectful Relationships
- Effective Communication
- Simple & Effective Physical Techniques

...& much more

Empowered Communities

To help us reach our vision we are working on a Nation-wide initiative
called “Empowered Communities”. The goal for this project is to reach as
many communities throughout Australia as possible with Empowerment
Self Defence instructor training to enable them to service their own
communities and help reduce gender-based violence.

Help us create a safer tomorrow by becoming
Empowered Today.

Empowered Communities Initiative

We want all women and girls in Australia to have access to ESD+ training. The problem is, we can’t possibly reach every woman in Australia on our own. We need your help! ​
​ We’ve launched our national initiative, “Empowered Communities” to help reach this goal. We will be travelling around Australia, offering our Facilitator Training to as many communities as possible. Contact us if you’d like to empower your community.

empowerment community training
empowerment public training
empowerment school training
empowerment university training
empowerment workplace training
empowerment instructor training

The 3 Pillars of Our Training

3 pillars of empowerment

Public Workshops




* We want to make sure that no-one misses out on this essential training
so scholarships are available for every workshop we run, please contact us to discuss.


ESD Empowered Today


"I had a great experience,
everyone should learn this stuff - it will give you so much confidence!
The teachers were very friendly, passionate and supportive and I learned about self defence specific to being a woman."

empowered woman


"Absolutely fantastic, mind blowing, challenging and a great learning experience. The presenters were great, just great. Warm, steady, clear and centered. It has raised my awareness of my presence in the world and potential in different situations.
I feel more confident."

Empowerment Self Defence

Account Manager

"An excellent course!!
It will deepen your understanding of awareness and how presence is the best form of self defence. A great combination of verbal and physical skills as well as tools to give you the best opportunity to protect yourself"

Business Owner

"A necessary self defence course for women designed by women that covers a more realistic approach to the skills girls and women need to prevent themselves from ever needing physical self defence."


"I love feeling empowered!
I felt like I took control of my voice and was able to learn how to use what I already have to protect and stand up for myself"


"I learned about the reality of violence against women, and what we can do to protect ourselves from it. Emotional intelligence and physical prowess all in one day"


"The skills I learnt were so important.
I now have the confidence in myself that I have the ability to deal with any situation."


"The day was comprehensive and well balanced with solid, well researched statistics, a great myth busting session and time to put the physical techniques into practice."

Business owner

"There were so many take home tips and skills that have me feeling more confident and empowered about protecting myself. The facilitators were both very compassionate and created a safe and comfortable space. This is a much needed training these days and I am very grateful that something like this exists."


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