Our Vision

That every Australian has an emotional and physical toolkit to 
feel empowered and safe in any situation    

Our Mission

To help as many people as possible become empowered with the skills and tools of ESD by providing the best ESD training and ensuring that every person in Australia has access to it

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY – We model the values we teach with authenticity, compassion and mindfulness

AVAILABILITY – Everyone deserves to feel safe; regardless of income, age, gender, race, sexual orientation, ability or circumstance

BELIEF – We believe in the power and efficacy of ESD. It is proven, it is practical and it works

SERVICE – We are of service to our local and greater community 

Our Initiatives

Empowered Individuals
Empowered Today Mission
Empowered Communities
female self defence


Communities Reached


Instructors Trained


Empowered People

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